Ever wished for a do-over? I have.

If you have lived an imperfect life, and still living one now, this place is  for you - because honestly, that is all of us! 

But I know a God who longs to help us release unhealthy memories, let go of harmful relationships, and conquer thought patterns that do not serve us well. He is here to comfort, strengthen, heal, and deliver.

Having lost many things and much time in this life - due to poor relational choices, codependency issues, and emotional trauma - I personally understand. Happily, I have found that God's unique repair and restoration program is one thing in life offered without condition. It is all wrapped up in one man - Jesus. He loves you like crazy, no matter what. So no more performance required for lifelong affection, Dear Girlfriend. You are Loved in a way that our heads cannot easily understand, but our hearts can. 

I want to tell you more.

His love compels me...

Jesus is the Bread of Life and the Air We Breathe

Would you dare to believe this - that we can change our thought patterns, and even our lives, by shifting focus from the temporary to the eternal? 


You are not alone. You have been chosen, to love and cherish forever. We have His written word on this, The Bible. Hang with me and I will help you understand. I am praying for you, and would love to pray with you. Contact me below.